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What is the best season for Airboat Rides Pompano Beach?

As most of you know, Florida has a reputation for hot and sunny weather, and the truth is, it does live up to that reputation. The temperatures and weather conditions are essential factors for many people when they decide to take a vacation. With that in mind, we figured it would be best to inform you that Florida has two distinguished seasons throughout the year: a hot season and a dry season. The great news is that Airboat Rides Pompano Beach takes place during both seasons. In this article, we will look at the dry and wet seasons, along with their respective weather. It should make it easier for you to decide which season might be best for you.

Airboat Rides Pompano Beach through the dry season

The dry season is when Florida experiences its lower temperatures. The weather is dryer and all-around easier to handle for most people that don’t enjoy humid climates. The dry season usually runs from December through to mid-May. Temperature-wise, you will be looking at the mid-50 to upper-70 degrees (Fahrenheit). Throughout this time of the year, humidity levels are at their lowest. The short of it is that the dry season is easier to handle for many people due to less heat and humidity. It doesn’t mean that it is cold, however, as Florida is still hot and sunny. All around, the dry season is what people consider the best season to visit Florida for all the factors mentioned above.

Airboat rides through the wet season

The wet season differs from the dry season in that it is rainier, hotter and the humidity levels are a lot higher. It usually takes place from mid-May right through to November. Temperatures can reach highs of 90 degrees (Fahrenheit). During the wet season, Florida sees most of its yearly rainfall, with more thunderstorms occurring than any other time of the year. This humidity, higher heat, and more prominent rain make the wet season less popular with tourists. However, some will argue that the wet season represents authentic Florida. Because there are fewer tourists, some people enjoy this calmer and more authentic experience.

How should you dress during which season?

It is easier to dress for the dry season. The weather is hot, but not too hot, and the lack of humidity means that Jeans, a t-shirt and some trainers will be sufficient for you to stay comfortable during your trip. Airboat Rides Pompano only requires practical and comfortable clothing, so just those few essentials will do. You could also bring a windbreaker if you’re worried about getting cold, but the weather will mostly stay hot enough, so you might not need to bother with that.

On the other side, the wet season will require lighter clothing, with the catch that you might need to pack in a poncho with you in case it rains. If the weather is nasty with heavy rainfall and intense thunderstorms, we might have to reschedule as we will never risk-taking you out under dangerous conditions. For the most part, the wet season is still very enjoyable. It might just require some extra preparation.

Wet or dry season?

Now that you are informed about those two seasons, we will let you decide for yourself. Airboat Rides Pompano Beach during the dry season are more accessible but more popular, while the wet season will be a little more intense, calmer, and truer to the Florida weather. You might not have much choice as to when you can take your vacation, and in that respect, know that we operate across those two seasons. You can always give us a call or contact us to find out more and book your ride. We will do our best to inform you about the weather and any other aspects of your airboat ride. Whether during the wet or dry season, we welcome you to discover the Everglades with us at all times.

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